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If you've ever imagined yourself playing fast and effortlessly on the guitar but aren't sure how to make it happen, you reached the right guitar instructor. If you've ever dreamed of playing modes, extended chords, and improvising freely up and down the neck but feel overwhelmed by the guitar's fretboard and don't know how to overcome that challenge, you're at the right place. Together we will cover techniques and concepts to successfully make you a well-rounded guitarist in an accessible and enjoyable way. Whether you're a day-one beginner or an experienced guitarist, you will benefit from clear and detailed instruction. I am fully trained to transform aspiring guitarists to reach their musical goals and avoid bad habits in their playing.

* Technique Building * Performance Coaching * Music Theory Studies  * Improvisation * Ear-Training *


How Do These Lessons Differ?

Lessons are clear and organized to ensure a positive outcome. Each lesson is catered to the individual student's interests and goals. Students will cover technique, ear-training, music theory, performance preparation, among many other musical concepts to shape them into well-rounded guitar players. Students can also request specific songs of their choice to cover during their lesson so they are learning their preferred style of music and preparing for their own performances. Students will be provided with in-depth lesson materials and clear instruction every lesson to keep them challenged all while enjoying themselves.


What Students Have to Say...

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About the Instructor:

Sulynn Hago is an international touring guitarist and experienced guitar instructor who transforms students eager to learn and excel on the guitar and/or need assistance in particular areas of study. Hago is patient and laidback and creates a comfortable, relaxed learning environment all while still offering honest feedback for student growth. A guitarist of 19 years and teacher of 10 years, Hago's vast playing styles cover metal, rock, classical, blues and jazz. In 2015, Hago was picked among 400 applicants as the new guitarist in Propagandhi. She also performs and writes with post-punk noise group Career amongst other collaborations.


Lesson packages are as follows:

30-minute lessons: $200/per four lessons

60-minute lessons: $400/per four lessons


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Major Triads / Root Position / Set 3

3 String Sweep Arpeggios in E minor

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Introduction to Intervals