Jeremy Pinkos


I first started taking guitar lessons with Sulynn almost a year ago. I had been wanting to get back into playing guitar after quite some time away from it and jumped at the chance to learn from her once I found out she offered lessons over Skype.  I had seen her perform with Propagandhi shortly after she joined the band and knew from that performance alone that she was a force to be reckoned with.  After having a chance to get to know her, it's obvious that she is serious about expanding her own musical skills in many different styles.  Her depth of knowledge translates very well into her teaching as she can approach different aspects of both music theory and technique in a variety of ways.   She is very easy to get along with and is very supportive and patient which makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.  I very much look forward to continuing my musical education with her.


Andy Bayne

Very impressed with the comfortable and professional lessons Sulynn provides. Definitely knows her theory and techniques. I've been playing since I was 10, and I'm 42 now. I would say I know a bit. That being said, Sulynn is proud to cater to the student. You are able to work on one aspect of guitar for a while and work on another in a lesson or two if you choose. That's catering to a student... Makes lessons so much more of an anticipated and appreciated time. Thanks Sulynn.


Nikki Miller

I’ve been taking lessons from Sulynn for about 3 years.  I’ve had other teachers before, and none compare to her.  She is a phenomenal teacher and an extremely positive person!  Sulynn is so amazing that after I moved and could no longer do physical lessons with her, we began doing virtual lessons.  It works out so great for me because there is no commute, and I can still have Sulynn right in my living room.  She will email me whatever song I want to work on and provide the learning material such as tablature along with the chord progression that is organized and easy to read.  I love it!

Of course Sulynn is extremely talented which is amazing motivation for me!  She is able to take that knowledge and break it down and explain things in a way that is understandable.  Sometimes I can be a bit of a slow learner, and she has always been patient and will work with me until I get it, working at different angles, even sending helpful videos.  The videos are great because you can play them back when you are alone practicing.  She just goes over and beyond to make each lesson a great learning experience.  I’ve learned so much from Sulynn and look forward to continuing my education with her.